Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kashmiri Sufi poetry by Swach Kral

dapyomai Balyaaras, yæri lagav,
Temi dopnam, bozwun chus, kon lagav

dapyomas boznavtam, chus be bandai,
Temi dopnam, booz'mit gai sharmandai.
dapyomas meti bavtam panun aasun,
Temi dopnam, pæni paanas khur chu kaasun.
dapyomas, kya chu andar, kya chu nyabar?
Temi dopnam, yi chu andar, ti chu nyabar.

dapyomas, nokhte osnay te aav katei?
Temi dopnam, pokhte sapdakh ashq vatei.
dapyomas nokhte ashqun bavte metei,
Temi dopnam baavyay, thaavakh tce katei?
dapyomas, yeetch kya chai nokhte giree?
Temi dopnam, karvun chus dastgiree.

dapyomas jaam' kath kitc chukh Tce rangaan?
Temi dopnam rangvuni chus ne kænsi mangaan.
dapyomas, rangvuni kon chukh Tce mangaan?
Temi dopnam phaalvith cham haar' pyavaan.
dapyomas, jaam' valin chi Tce Paanas,
Temi dopnam, vihh kæmik chi lamakaanas.

dapyomas chukh Tce kunui, la-shareek,
Temi dopnam temi gatcith chai Myæni tareek.
dapyomas, tath tareekas hyamai zaagai,
Temi dopnam harne chashman sorme laagai.
dapyomas, sorme lægith kyah chu banaan?
Temi dopnam, poz te apuz ad' chu nanaan.

dapyomas, gah chu aabaad, gah chu væraan,
Temi dopnam, temi sæth cham kæm neraan.
dapyomas, kon chukh parvaay vyendaan?
Temi dopnam chus B' parvaayas ti gindaan.
vanaan Soch Kral Alif'as ma chu bandee,
wuchaan gatch Khoda Sæbin Khoda-vandee.   

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  1. It was really nice to watch this kalam from a Great Sufi scholar on the website. Really thankful to Mr. Ahmad Rafiqi for doing this job. What a soothing effect it had i can't express. At the same time tears rolled down my cheeks once those images of the strong cultural harmony & co-existence came into my mind. Places like chrar-e-sharif, Aish Muqam & lakhs others used to invite people irrespective of their religions. Truly we people have achieved materialistic growth at the cost of our values, our culture & it will bring us nothing more than just agonies, Worries, Fear & Unsatisfactions only. May the almighty guide us with his power & recreate the situation in the valley where religious tolerance, brotherhood exists like that used to be in the past.